The Newtown Education Foundation promotes and supports innovative education programs for the benefit of students in the Newtown Public Schools.

During the 2016/2017 school year we awarded over $23,000 in grants to teachers in the Newtown Public Schools.



  • Innovate within the schools – Recognize innovation within our public schools by awarding in-town grants that serve as a catalyst to inspire critical and creative thinking of Newtown students.
  • Create opportunities for both students and teachers – Foster creativity by financially supporting unique educational projects for students as well as professional development for teachers.
  • Collaborate with the Community – Increase awareness and the value of novel educational opportunities to the community; while supporting our schools through businesses, civic groups and residents of Newtown.


  • Partner with Newtown Public Schools, teachers, parents, and the community to provide grants for unique educational programs and projects
  • Enhance technology opportunity for teaching and learning, which sit outside of the district’s operational plan
  • Enrich children’s lives by offering support of music and arts programs
  • Inspire students through recognition and scholarship opportunities
  • Invest in the best training and development programs for our educators
  • Recognize teachers for successful and inventive projects in the classroom


Newtown Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Creativity is Intelligence having fun
— Albert Einstein