2017 Honor an Educator Awards

Reed Intermediate School

Teacher: Holly Bartlett
Thank you for everything you do for my son, you have changed his confidence in his ability to learn, in a way that will stay with him always! Seth Naramore

Teacher: Matt Brown
Thank you. You are an excellent teacher and my son absolutely enjoys your classes :)! Adam Naramore

Teacher: Nancy Cedor
You are the very best!  Thank you for everything you do and have done, the change you have made for my son has changed his future for him.  And I am truly grateful. Adam Naramore

Teacher: Stacey Coelho
Thank you, Ms. Coelho, for being such an intelligent math teacher! Liam Conlin

Teacher: Jacqueline McMahon
Mrs. McMahon, Thank you for helping me transition into the Newtown School District. You are a great teacher and I am glad I have you for my teacher. You make learning fun and interesting. Thanks again, Briana Gaydosh

Teacher: Jacqueline McMahon
Mrs. McMahon is a great Language Arts teacher! She is very nice, and kind! By the way she is a big Disney fan. Stephen

Teacher: Erika Michaels
Thank you for being a great teacher and for continuing to work with me on my writing. Matthew Holden

Teacher: Richard Neeb
Mr. Neeb is a great math and science teacher! He always helps me out when he can. He is very nice and funny he sometimes makes me laugh! Stephen Vereshagin

Teacher: Julie Shull
Thank you!  My son really likes being in your classes! Seth Naramore

Teacher: Todd Stentiford
Thank you for being a great teacher! I have enjoyed your class this year and like that we get to do math at our pace! Matthew Holden

Teacher: Todd Stentiford
Thank you for helping me love to think through problems on my own. A. Happy Student

Teacher: Carrie Usher
Thank you for being a great and kind homeroom teacher. Liam Conlin