2017 Honor an Educator Awards

Head o’Meadow School

Teacher: Christina Ayoub
Christina Ayoub is an incredible BCBA. Christina has improved our daughter's education which resulted in a drastic improvement in her overall quality of life. Her integrity and compassion as well her passion for advocating for the most vulnerable population is clear from the second you meet her. Julia Arbesman

Teacher: Lisa Dievert
Words can not express how much we appreciate you. Thank you for giving Ava the BEST start to school that she could have.  Your hard work, kindness and dedication are amazing. Love, The Cappelli Family

Teacher: Elisabeth Douglass
Thank you for all that you do! Alexa Hushion

Teacher: Karen Dreger
Thank you, Mrs. Dreger, for helping me learn and for being a great teacher.

Teacher: Shannon Grumet
Shannon Grumet is an incredible teacher. She has changed my daughter's life for the better, and for that I am very grateful to her. She has spent countless hours helping my daughter to read and write. Shannon has clearly devoted her entire career to working with children with special needs. Julia Arbesman

Teacher: Lynn Taylor
Mrs. Taylor is the kindest and so caring in the classroom. Daniel Fonck

Nurse: Maddy Allen
Nurse Maddly Allen has changed my daughter’s life for the better. She has spent countless hours offering advice and tips. There are days my daughter looks forward to being sick just so she can spend time with Nurse Maddy. Thank you Nurse Maddy for being truly a remarkable, caring devoted nurse. Julia Arbesman