2017 Honor an Educator Awards

Hawley School

Teacher: Donna Albano
We are new to Hawley as our son has entered Kindergarten. We feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have Donna Albano. Due to her kindness, wonderful personality and talent. Davis is excited to go to school every day. Thank you, Donna, for giving so much of yourself to your class! Davis Gottschalk

Teacher: Linda Biscoe
Thank you for all that you do! Trace Irwin

Teacher: Tracy Fanelli
Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and seeing all the potential in Trace. Trace is really enjoying 2nd grade with you! Kathy & Charlie Gardner

Teacher: Anne Fries
Thank you, Mrs. Fries, for showing up in ways above and beyond the regular call of a teacher’s duty to support our Charlie as he works through difficult, sad news. We are so grateful he is in your care right now.
Kathy and Charlie Gardner

Teacher: Anne Fries
Thank you for all that you do in teaching these kids! Stella Ormiston

Teacher: Mike Poeltl
I am happy to have Mr. Poeltl because he teaches kids by being funny and using games. He is also my first male teacher. He helps me when I need help with work. Rafe D'Agostino

Teacher: Mike Poeltl
Mr. Poeltl makes learning fun! Riley Ragan

Teacher: Deb Pond
I love Mrs. Pond’s smile. Jake Ragan

Teacher: Deb Pond
Thank you! Hailey Avari

Teacher: Michael Wight
Thank you for being a super great teacher and helping me! Merry Christmas, Madeleine